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Oops… I have been a bad host…


I am sorry people.   I have been remiss in my upkeep of this site and have, I assume, left you all in suspense as you try to figure out what has happened to me.

Well… I would like to tell you that I was kidnapped by a gaggle of lovely women and taken by force to their secret island fortress and made to make love to them all, because of my manliness and virility.

Alas… I cannot do this.   I have just been sort of lazy.

In reality I am working on three stories right now that I hope to have out soon.  They are as follows:

  1.  Bound Awakening – A detective who has been hiding his secret bondage fetish behind his catholic upbringing is captured by a serial killer.  When she learns of his dark side and his efforts to conceal it, she begins to show him how to bring it out.

2.  The Portal – In a future where the human race has been almost decimated, a group of people that have been bred for exploration and have had their physical needs removed through genetic engineering, an accident causes one of them to begin feeling these hidden needs arise in her.  With the help of a polymorphic android, she explores these feelings and learns more about who she really is.

So that is what I am working on right now… more to come… or should I say, more to cum?  Stay tuned.

Writing erotica


When I first picked up my proverbial pen and began writing in this genre, I was nervous.  There are a great many stereotypes that I had in my minds eye about it that I was worried about as took my first steps.

See… when I started, I thought that this would be a community of seedy, dirty minded people that were all of questionable background that were not really good at anything else.

To my surprise, I have found that this is a community of friendly, helpful people that are a genuine pleasure to talk to and associate with.  Some of them are not just skilled at the craft of erotica, but at other genres as well and just accept it as another area to write in.  On top of all this… they just happen to have the added benefit of a dirty mind.

I have met people that write Futa, LBTG, you name it, and I really enjoy my association and interaction with them.  They, as you might otherwise LOGICALLY surmise, are just as ordinary as everyone else you might meet.  Some of them I have met on the sites I visit and others I have met in person.

I have, through my experiences, learned that if you are walking do a street and bump into any one of them, you would have not a clue that within the mind of that person, lies a vast network of steamy, sultry, erotic horniness that is waiting to spill it’s seed onto the page for you and I to read.

So now, here I am.  Slowly working my way into this growing group of people, of all ages, of all sexes, of all lifestyles.  And I feel… comfortable.

Thank you to all of you that helped this first year become a fun experience.  Looking forward to the many to follow.


I Write Smut


Yes… I write smut.

I take the English language and use it to tell tales of lust, debauchery, extra-marital, pre-marital and non-marital coitus.

I fabricate stories about people satisfying their basic, physical, needs in many exciting, graphic, sometimes nasty, and glorious ways.  Demonstrating examples of people’s kinks, fantasies and desires.

Personally… I see no problem with this.  I am exercising a part of my mind that exists in us all.  I am simply putting onto a document something that almost all of us think about from time to time, though we may not always admit it to others.   But it is there.

You… reading this post, whomever you might be.  Think about the times you looked at that women in the office, the one with the nice tits and firm ass.  You cannot tell me that you have not thought at least once about tapping that.  About what it would be like to meet her in the copy room and get her up against the machine from behind, raise her skirt and take care of business right there, quick enough so that you try to lower the risk of getting caught, but slow enough so that you both enjoy it.

Women… I KNOW that some of you think the same way.  In my conversations with women, I have found that some of you have just as dirty a mind as we guys do.  You see that new guy in the office, and imagine him doing to you what I just described above.  Or that new gal in the office that you would love to seduce, or satisfy that curiosity that lies deep in your subconscious.

We all, well… almost all,  have that kinky, sexually charged, side.   The one that we keep inside and don’t think we can share.

Fact is… we can and we should.  I think it is healthy to share these dirty stories and fantasies.  To put them out there to let others read and see that they are not alone in their mildly perverse ways.

So that is what I do.  I write smut… I channel fantasies to the written word.  I bring your darkest, sexiest, dirtiest thoughts out so that we can all get a little bit of excitement out of it.


Happy Reading.