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Taboo to you?


What do you consider to be taboo?

When you think about this question, let’s take religion out of the equation all together.  We all know that just about anything that is truly enjoyable in life is taboo from a religious perspective.  This is doubly true if you are Catholic or Orthodox Jew.

Let’s look more at how we live our lives and the places we live.  The cultures that we are part of and the people that we associate with.  Your family influence and the influences of your friends and acquaintances.

First, there are things that go beyond taboo.  Child porn, snuff films, rape (I will not count ‘Rape Fantasy Role-play’), things like that are just wrong on too many levels to even really begin talking about.  If you are into any of those, not only do I now want to hear about it, I would like it if you deleted the link to my site and never show up again and as an added bonus, find the nearest police station and turn yourself in.

With the exception of the stuff that seriously harms others, I am a very sexually open person.  I will discuss these topics openly to anyone and will rarely tell a person that they are out of line or being disgusting or immoral.

I see sex and sexuality to be the ultimate equalizer.  It is something that we all have in common.  We are, as humans, sexual creatures. It is what we do, how we procreate, many times a form of entertainment, something that strips you down to your bare self.  When you lie in bed next to someone, whether you are in a hetrosexual, homosexual, whatever relationship, you are exposed.  What you are is wide open and vulnerable to the person next to you.

So why is it that culture takes this point in our lives, a point when we have the most to lose, baring ourselves for others to see, and tells us that unless this is done within wedlock, it is a sin?   Something that should be shameful?  Something to repent for? Why is it that if you truly love or have a physical need to share yourself with another, even if it is someone of your same sex or with multiple partners at the same time, as long as you are doing so willingly and no one is being forced into anything, to many it is still considered a taboo?

Whether it is a one-night-stand or a committed relationship, you are still opening yourself up to another person, there is a sharing process that both, or all participants, are committed to, even for that one night.   How can it truly be a sin or taboo, unless you are ONLY basing that label on the religious point of view.

I would challenge that it is not.  Sharing of ones self is and can be an incredible and beautiful thing.  The ultimate in sharing is to give ones self over entirely to another, and as long as that is not abused by either of the parties, it cannot be taboo.

These are just my opinions, nothing more.




I was asked in an email about my opinions of homosexuality, so I thought that this would be a good topic for a post.

It’s Fine…   Seriously.

Am I gay?  Certainly not, no way.  I am one of those guys that cringes when I see two guys kissing.  When surfing the web, on my occasional search for interesting porn that does not bore me to tears, when I have accidentally stumbled into a site that has gay porn, I cannot find the “X” to close the window, or the Back button fast enough.  But that is just me and my own issues with it… I cannot see guy on guy action as interesting… woman on woman is different, so I suppose that makes me a bit of a hypocrite.

But moving on.

It reality, I cannot understand the lifestyle, I cannot see what would cause a man to like another man in any “love interest” sort of way.  I mean yeah, I loved a few men in my life.  My father, my brother, a couple buddies that were like brothers to me.  But not in the “Other” sense. But why should I have to understand it?

Love is love… when two people love one another, who cares what sex they are.  I have loved a few women in my life, really loved them and then just loved their bodies.  But just because I cannot grasp the meaning of gay/homosexual/transgendered love, does not make it any less real , does it?  And if you bring religion into it, I have a really hard time believing that God is so caught up in peoples sex lives that he or she would fail to look at the good that they have accomplished in their NON-sexual lives.

I think that people should be the same.  If some guy or gal, who happens to be a doctor and invents a cure that saves hundreds or thousands of lives, happens to be gay, and they inevitably meet their maker, I cannot and will not believe that God, or whatever gods may be, would turn them away on the fact that they are not heterosexual.

It is my sincerest hope that if any of you reading this happen to be of the LGBT society, you have taken no offense to what I have written.  It was not meant in that way.  While you will not see me in any parades, I do feel for your plight.  Maybe one day people will stop and think.