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Dildo of the Dead

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I have seen a lot of pretty strange things in my life, but I have to admit that while this one will not “take the cake”, it sure deserves a pretty big slice of it.


Apparently you can purchase a dildo that is made to contain the remains of the one you love in it.  So whether we are talking about your husband Bob, Sparky the Dog, Muffy the muff-diving cat… whatever the hell your fancy is… you can put the remains in this thing and go to town.

So I have to ask… who is so caught up in the loss of a loved one that they are distraught enough to think it is going to help them out my shoving said lost love up their twat (or ass, to be fair to my male homosexual readers.)?

I am sorry.  I am sure that there are people out there that think that some thing like this is perfectly fine.  Probably the same people that think that think the Flesh light and pocket pussy are a great idea.

I am a pretty open-minded guy and I can accept that the loss of a loved one would be hard on you, I have lost many a friend myself.  But of all the people I know, and all the women I have had the pleasure to be with over these years, there are none of them that I could think of that I would want to have in a sex toy.

Something just does not FEEL right with that… and yes… pun intended.