Monthly Archives: February 2020

Why on God’s green earth did this happen?

I’m not a politically savvy person, so maybe I am missing something that is right in front of me.

I like listening to my share of talk shows. I have been known to tune into Glenn Beck or Ed Shultz from time to time to get a feel for whatever tripe the various sides are spewing on my lap.

Yes, I have even listened to Rush Limbaugh. Which is where I am going with this entry.

Just a simple question…

Just curious…

Why… What did Rush do to deserve the Medal of Freedom?

That’s where I will leave it. Tell me your thoughts.

Not dead… Yet…

This has been a crazy, dreadful and painful last three years.

I am sorry that I have been away, but there are things that were out of my control… I am back and I will start, slowly, working my way back into writing.

With everything that has happened, I seriously thought about never posting or writing again. But a comment made by someone prompted me to pull the ol’ ‘puter out and start, gradually, working on this again.

Apparently there are about 600 of you that have been hanging on. Humbling.

More later.