Goodbye 2015

Hello all… I am sorry for the absence of late…

2015 has been a great year.

I overcame my fears of trying to throw one of my stories out there and did it.  You could say that I popped my publishing cherry and released About Jennifer.   Then, within a few months I released two more and The Long Weekend and Adventures in College Science made their debuts.

This next year I have so many more projects planned.   I would like to delve into area that I have not written about before.  Things that, while not unfamiliar to me, are not something I have taken a chance on writing about before.

Among these things I would like to include things like Light BDSM, Female and Male Dom/Sub stories.   Maybe some paranormal fantasy writing.

I am absolutely staying away from vampire stories… there is just too much on the market right now and I think that anything I would write would get lost in the crowd.

Thank you, and of you, for hanging on for the ride.   It is only going to get better from here.