Tattoos on women


If you were to ask me, when I was much  younger, what I thought of tattoos on women, I would have told you I hate them.  At the time I was brought up and in the household I was raised in, tattoos were taboo and only something you saw on men and if you saw one on a woman, it meant that she was nothing short of slutty trailer trash that slept around.

Fast forward many years and see how my opinion has changed on this… and a lot.

I like tattoos, within reason.  Some tattoos on men and women are nice.  One of two, here or there, tastefully placed, can be nice to see.   I do even enjoy looking at the stories that men’s tattoos tell about them, but I prefer to look at the tattoos that women have.

One of the examples of women I think look good, in part, with their tats is Kat Von D.  While I think many of the tattoos she has complements her, I have an issue with the ones that she has on her hands and face.  These are both parts of her body that I think, in my opinion, are lovely without the ink.  She should have left those alone.  The same with a woman’s chest, breasts are great, most of the time when I am looking at a woman’s boobs, I am not wanting to see ink around or on them.

I still recall seeing a women, not personally, that had a daisy tattooed around each nipple, so that the nipple itself was the center of the daisy.   How does someone even do that?  As a guy, my nipples are sensitive enough, I cannot even IMAGINE was it was like for her to get those tattoos, unless the pain was something that she was into.

Now, another problem I have with tattoos, and I think there are many that will share this one with me, is names, silly slogans or foul language.   I can understand if you had a loved one that passed away and you want to remember them with a little tat on your shoulder or arm to pay homage to them.  I can accept that if there was something major, like a war you served in, that you want to recall, maybe even with the names of a few buddies you lost.   But girlfriends, pictures of Roy Orbison, a picture of an rear-end with your belly button being the asshole… seriously.

I have to admit that I have no tattoos at all.  This is by choice, though I think that one day I may make the move and get one.  Something small and out of the way, that will not draw a lot of attention to myself.  Something that can be covered up.