What do you look for in your company?


When I venture into a venue and when I am looking for someone to hook up with, or even just sit down to strike up a conversation with,  there are certain things I look for in a woman.  Things that trigger not only a “Turn-on” effect in me, but also an “you are really interesting” effect.

I am particularly picky about women.  Yes, I do like the aesthetic aspect… a good looking woman can be important, but what use is a really hot looking lady if, when you sit down and talk to them, they remind you of Fran Drescher from that silly Nanny program that was on some time ago?  Looks can be important, but I think the mind can be so much sexier.

You can sit at a table with someone you just met and like, and spend five minutes learning how irritating they can be, as in the Fran example above, or you can have several drinks with a woman that knows how to have a conversation, knows what she is talking about and then, if you decide to woo her away to your bed, and she says no… you still walk away like you have not lost anything, because the talk was worth it.

I especially like women that can talk sex.  Not the blatantly dirty stuff, anyone can do that, but the mildly suggestive discussions that are more hint and innuendo than anything else.  Mildly suggestive hints that let you know what each other likes, before you ever get to the bedroom.

But it does not have to be about sex.  I like people that can talk and be enjoyable to be around.  I typically look for people within ten years, plus or minus, of my age.  This range makes sure that there is enough in common to talk about and enough difference to make things interesting.  If the dialogue does lead to other things, then all the better, but it is certainly not the only goal I am looking for.

So what draws you to people?  What do you look for?