Women are an odd sort…

There are those of you that will read the title of this and tell me, “Yeah, what’s your point.”

No point, really…  it’s an observation.

I enjoy women, I really do.  I love their company, there personalities, their tempers and their love.  There is even something enjoyable about women when they are angry or frustrated with you, you see something real and visceral in them for that moment that can be, to men like me, a turn on.

There is nothing more pleasurable than waking up in the morning to the feel of a woman’s soft touch next to you.  To be pressed up to someone that you shared the night with, whether you have known them all your life or just for the night.  And if you are lucky, the experience of her waking you up to a little morning love-making.  Depending on what you ate or drank the night before, you may want to avoid the kissing, though.

My point of this is to say that while I have all these feelings for the women I have encountered in my time, I have always been a little perplexed by them and the way they approach someone like me, an admitted “Gentle” womanizer.

On one hand, they will condemn my sort, calling us names and pointing out that we will use women for our own pleasure, with no effort of commitment to them of their kind.  But the same women, in the right settings, if I apply the right amount of tactics, finesse, and charisma, will still, quite often, find herself in my bed, or at the very least spending a few minutes with my using my tongue to check hers out.

Yes… I am a misogynist.  But I think that the world needs a few of them around.  Because if they did not, then I would not keep finding these women that seem to be interested in meeting one.

You people out there, if you have something to say about it, chime in… my door is open.